Don’t Make These Content Marketing Mistakes

As an Internet marketer, your goal is to attract traffic to your website. Many marketers aren’t familiar with ways to do this that are the most effective. Those that fail to do the proper steps end up not getting much needed traffic. What does that mean? No sales, or very little sales. Marketing involves various strategies that when done right will get their business, website, product, or name out there for many to see. One such marketing strategy is content marketing. This involves writing content (articles, blogs, whitepapers, e-books) that include the marketers email and website. This way, when the reader clicks on the link within the content, they are lead to the marketer’s website.

Unfortunately, many marketers fail to use content marketing in the proper way. They make mistakes can hurt their chances to get much needed traffic. In this blog post, I will present the eight most often mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them.

1. Do your homework

Before you start any project or campaign, know what you are going to do? Too many marketers just type away, or hire someone to write articles, and then publish them. This isn’t sound strategy. You need to know who you are going to market to. Who is your audience? What do they need to know to succeed? You also need to know if your marketing is about sales or lead generation?

2. Always focus on the buyer

Never focus on yourself. The buyer’s needs are what is important here. You want to focus your attention on education. You are trying to teach others how to do something. When you teach others, you are communicating with them. For this reason, your content should have your reader in mind.

3. Don’t pitch your product every moment

One mistake that can hurt your marketing is by being a salesperson in your content. It doesn’t matter what type of material you use, the content needs to be moderate in terms of its approach. Every piece of content you have can be used at some point in the sales cycle. Till those documents are required, give the people interesting and informative content that benefits them in some way.

4. Use a call to action

It is important to use a call to action when creating your content. Every single piece of content you create is supposed to do one thing: provide a call to action. The content should make the reader do something, whether it is to buy a product or provide their email address.

5. Content marketing is a two-way street

Someone once said that creating content is not enough. To make your audience so something, you need to engage the audience. You can do this by responding to questions. You can also reply to blog posts. You need to develop a two-way communication base. This is what will bring in the customer, as they crave interaction.

6. Don’t create content with substance

When creating any kind of content, you need to make sure it is of high-quality and is beneficial to the reader.

7. Don’t look as content marketing as unnecessary

Content marketing should be as much a part of your marketing strategy as learning to drive a stick shift is to a manual transmission. You must make it a part of your marketing plan. Content is important for many reasons. It educates, informs, and instructs. It is a wonderful way to spread the word about one’s business to readers.

8. Write content in many formats

Don’t think content has to be strictly written. It can be in the form of video, audio, or worded. You can create videos to highlight certain aspects of your business or product. You can create a podcast to talk about certain aspects of functions of your business. You can even create slideshow presentations. Don’t be afraid to use the content in more than one way.

The bottom line is to use content marketing effectively. Don’t make the mistakes mentioned in this post. If you truly want to benefit from content marketing, avoid the mistakes as outlined here, and focus on the needs of your readers (customers).