Instant Storyteller

Want your favorite fantasy brought to life like this:

Gerry the Caricaturist to the Stars

Gerry is not just an artist. She is the famous Hollywood Caricaturist. She works at parties, helping people realize their greatest fantasies through her art, while keeping them in awe.

If Gerry is not drawing people, she is either seen cruising down the boulevard in her convertible with Demi Moore, or some other famous celebrity, providing great conversation, a joke or two, or even some impersonations. She may even take time to draw them in scenes that would dazzle them. If she is not driving around, she is either in the park, relaxing, walking her dog, or she is in the nearest bookstore signing her latest creation.

When not in the public eye, Gerry is busy creating characters as toys that are found in such stores as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, and Toys R’ Us.

When she was recently interviewed by a reporter for the evening news, she was asked what is she best known for. In answer she provided a big smile and said, “People call me the million dollar caricaturist to the stars.”

* Have you ever read a book and wished you were part of the story?
* When reading a mystery, did you wish that you could be a part of the story to help solve the crime and resolve the mystery?

Well now you can! How? Read on to find out –>More