What We Do

Now you can be a big part of the plot or story. How? By letting the Instant Storyteller create a story with you as the main character.

Imagine being in a scene where you get to kiss the lady? Or you help solve a crime? Or something magical happens to you? With the Instant Storyteller you are the star of the show.

Let the Instant Storyteller make you famous.

If you want to be a part of your next adventure allow the Instant Storyteller make your dreams come true. The Instant Storyteller can write your fantasy or whatever you like in an instant and send it to you by replay email. Here are some examples of what we have done for previous clients: Sandy’s Big Dream

There is a lady named Sandy. She is a beautiful, middle-aged woman with a big dream. She has been involved in several pursuits including art, psychic stuff, and writing. She been kept busy with several clients.

Unfortunately, she lacked one thing in her life – a man. Because of her schedule she had no time for dating. She doesn’t drink alcohol, so meeting men at bars was out of the question. What was she to do?

One day, a light bulb went off in her head. Since she can’t seem to find men and she don’t have time to date, why not have men come to her. So she pondered this for days, trying to figure out a way to get men to come to her. She wanted to attract men like a magnet.

After a week of thinking, she finally decided the best way is to write a book about dating and finding one’s soul mate. What a fantastic idea. She said, “I’ll write the book, get it published, and sell it at bookstores, and other social events. Sooner or later the book will catch on and become a popular item for guys and gals alike. Then men will buy the book, and will come to me to have it signed or to ask questions.”

So it was done and her book, How To Recognize Your Soul mate Across A Crowded Room At A Boring Cocktail Party was born. Since then she has been attracting men like flies on sugar. “I think I created a monster,” Sandy said.

Magical Markers

There was a man named Henry.  He loved to draw.  He was always at the park drawing people and animals.

One day he discovered these special markers.  He never saw them before but he bought them and took them with him to the park.  At first he didn’t notice anything different about them until after he finished the pictures. For when he drew someone, something special would happen to that person who had the picture.

His subjects would have their wildest fantasies come true depending on the theme of the drawing.  For example, if his subject was a man, and his subject wanted to be known as a macho man, the subject would turn into a macho man.

Thus, from that day forward, Henry became known as the magical artist.

Magic Moment

Joe was an unusual person.  He lived alone but also wanted companionship.  He had a dog and cat.  One day, he found this coin and picked it up.

He didn’t know what this coin was.  He only knew it was old and dull.  He cleaned it and suddenly he found himself surrounded by strange things.  He received money in the mail, or under his door.

People would give him kindness he never had before.  Suddenly Joe became the talk of the town.
Joe had his magic moment and never was alone again.

The Hand that Made Millions

Gerry was a great artist.  She made many people happy.  She was constantly drawing people.  Every hour on the hour she drew. Unfortunately, she complained that her hand got tired.  So she had to do something fast.

One day she prayed to God to help her.  She begged for him to make her life easier.  Then it happened.  While she slept, her hand came off her body and went to parties drawing for her.  The hand worked tirelessly around the clock.

When it was time to quit, the hand returned to Gerry and reattached itself to her arm.

This happened frequently.  Before Gerry knew it, she was getting checks in the mail for thousands of dollars.  Wow, she made money while sleeping.  So came the hand that made millions.

If you would like to get involved and be part of the story, here is how to do it.