My Books

As an author, I have published many books. Some are in e-book format, while others are in paperback. Here are the books in paperback:

HarryHustedbkLearn How to Repair Computers: Get Certified in 15 Weeks

What? You computer crashed again. You were told the cost of repairs to restore it will be $250. Yikes. You know you don’t have that kind of money. So what do you do?

Repair it yourself. But how? Even if you don’t know how, now you have the chance to learn. The great part about it is you don’t have to spend months in a classroom learning computer repair. You can learn at home.

This book does what no other book on the market has done. It is set up as a guide, training manual, and student guide, all in one book, to help you learn every part of a computer, how it works, how to diagnose, and repair it.

Here is an added incentive. While you are reading this book, you are also studying for the A+ certification exam. Each chapter has self-evaluation and sample A+ test questions for you to go over and review. Also, each chapter, except the first and last, have assignments you can perform to reinforce your training.

This book was designed the same way as my classroom training. It covers 15 weeks. This way you can cover a chapter a week. When you complete the 15th week, you are ready to take the A+ certification.

To help you pass the A+ test, included in the book are over 100 practice A+ test questions. Chapter 15 also provides you with a link and information as to how to register for the test.

bookHow To Find and Start A Legitimate Home Business

Fire your boss! Quit the rat race. Work at home and control your life. Yes, you can make money working at home. This guide will provide steps to help you work successfully at home.

Don’t be fooled by companies that promise jobs but are scams. This book will provide you a list of jobs you can work at home that are legit. If you rather start a business at home, this guide will tell you what kinds of businesses are hot, and what to avoid.

Basically, you have it all under one cover. Don’t be guessing anymore. Learn the best ways to find and start a legitimate home business.

insiderupInsider Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity

Do you know you are made of energy? Your brain creates energy every second. Since your brain is also your mind, that means your mind has power. Why not use that power to live your best life now?

Instead of guessing what life will be, why not invite what you want into your life now! In order to gain the life you want, learn how the human mind works. You’ll learn about the brain and how it functions. You’ll also discover the subconscious and conscious and how they work.

You are a super being whether you know it or not. If your mind is vibrating to the same frequency as something in the universe, you will attract it like a magnet. Learn how this frequency and vibration works now.

Here are the books in e-book format:

Smoking Kills: Learn How to Stop in 7 Days

If you aquitre a smoker, you may not be aware of the dangers involved. If you want to prolong your life, you need to quit smoking now. Many celebrities, who smoked for years, tried it and stopped. Some of them did so in one day.

You can quit smoking within 7 days without using chemicals, devices, or remedies that don’t work. This book will guarantee you will stop smoking in 7 days as long as you use it properly.

weight loss

How to Melt Fat Fast-A Unique Way to Rapid Weight Loss that Works

Obesity is a major epidemic in this country. As a matter of fact, it is rated number one in the world today as far as health risk or health problems are concerned. Despite the obesity problem, you don’t have to be a stat yourself.

If you really want to get the extra weight off, and fast, and never see it appear again, you need to stop looking at your mirror and read this e-book. Not only do I guarantee your weight comes off quickly, you don’t have to use dieting gimmicks and programs that do only one thing – make the owner of the product rich. I have discovered a unique approach to eating that will change your life. Read this short e-book, and you’ll be on the road to a thinner and healthier body.

weight loss

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

If you looked in the mirror lately, you may have discovered something scary. You’re overweight and hate it. Maybe you tried every diet program on the market, but ended up regaining the weight. What can you do to lose the weight and keep it off?

Good news. Your solution is moments away. Those that read this e-book, and applied it, saw their weight come off and stay off. The best part of it all is they didn’t have to go on any special diet program. They developed a healthy thin body and a great lifestyle. You can do the same yourself.


Facebook Marketing 101

When working as a business man, your number one concern is to create, develop, and set up a business. Your goal is to make money from that business. You want to do whatever is necessary to get your business in front of the eyes of consumers, so they can use your assets, or what you created to benefit them.

How do you reach such an audience? There are various methods, but one such method is by going to places where such people hang out. Today, social media is the big way to gain exposure for your business. One such social media platform that has been taking the Internet by storm lately is Facebook. Facebook does have a lot to offer people. You can use it to reach people with your business or product faster than you could other conventional methods.

This short e-book will help you set up your page, identify your audience, create compelling content, advertise your product, and measure and adjust the amount of traffic you get. Basically, you can use Facebook as your marketing tool.