Hitting the Emotional Hot Buttons

Why do people buy? They buy because of what the product can do for them. They buy because of the feelings they get when they see or buy the product. They buy because it helps shape their identity (how they see themselves), and their image (how others see them).

Yes, people buy for the above reasons. In this blog, I will cover these areas, otherwise known as emotional hot buttons, more fully.

There are certain emotional hot buttons that when triggered will force people to take some kind of action. As a copywriter, you need to know them, as they will help improve your ability to write more effective copy.

Often, people don’t show their desire outwardly. They rather keep their desire to themselves. However, by knowing the emotional hot buttons, you can appeal to their desire, even if it isn’t known. Why do people respond when such hot buttons are triggered? It stems from fear. For example, people have a desire for control. If they don’t have control over their lives, they develop a fear of losing control and being in want.

When you use the emotional hot buttons, do so with the intent to help them. You don’t want to be cruel. Your goal is to show that they need to take action if they want to solve their problem.

The emotional hot buttons are provided below:

1. Control

If you were to talk to a friend, you may be surprised to learn his life may be out of control. There are those that have lost their job, loved one, home, etc. It is human nature to have control. It is for this reason, you, as a copywriter, need to show them that your product, or your client’s product will help them regain control of some part of their life.

2. Better than Another

People have egos. They want to buy products to elevate their status. They want to appear better than other people. Basically, they want their self-esteem fed. As copywriters, you may want to focus your copy so as to appeal to these types. You can use such words as elite, unique, exclusive, distinctive, and state of the art. By using such words, you are hitting the hot button of these people and will find they will purchase what you have quickly.

3. Discovery

People are curious by nature. They love to investigate. When they are bored, they want to buy new things to stimulate them. When they discover something of interest, they will pursue it, as they will feel it satisfies a longing. The product feels unique and special to them. What words would best work as discovery tools for such curious people? You can use such words as at last, improved, original, innovative, secret, revealed, find, introducing, finally, learn, and new. In a situation like this, people would love to learn of any discovery you have that may be new, or refurbished; as long as it solves a problem.

4. Family

One big hot button to hit would involve family. Since the economy has changed in recent years, time and other pressures have changed the way family thinks about buying. If you focus your copy on family and not on each individual of the family, you stand a better chance of selling to that market. The basic premise is to sell a product that will help the family better themselves. For example, can your product help a father be better toward his kids? Can your product help the wife take better care of the home?

5. Belong

Everyone has the desire to belong. They are social. They have a need to belong to someone, who shares the same interests, desires, and needs. This type of people will buy from those they know or trust. This also goes for products. They will usually buy products that others recommend. For this type of buyer, you need to learn what they want and use a certain language to gear them to purchase your product. If you can match what you have to their needs, interests, or values, they will buy from you.

6. Time

In this case, we should focus more on the shortage of time. Every person has a certain amount of time to use each day. Because of this lack of time, they want to be instantly gratified. They want the quick fix now. If you provide a product they can get fast, you can win over this type of consumer.

7. Be the Best

People will spend a lot of money if they can set themselves up to be the best. They do this to satisfy their emotions, desires, and passions. It could be they desire to live in luxury, or to live a certain lifestyle. If you can provide a product that will boost their ability to be the best, they will pounce on your order form.

8. Self-Achievement

Self-achievement is a goal that most people want to reach. If you watch sports games, the goal or object is to win the game. Well, many people have this same spirit. They want to win. They want to feel good about themselves. They will do anything to feel good, even improve themselves in some way to get there. Create copy that helps consumers feel good and they will buy from you.

9. Sex

Do you know that sex is the biggest seller on the market. If you create a product that helps people do better in bed, they will jump at the chance to buy it. Besides sex, people want to feel loved. So if you can provide a product that helps people attract the opposite sex, or same sex (whatever the sexual preference is), you can guarantee a well sold product.

10. Be Smart

Most people love to learn new things. Why do you think there are so many schools, colleges, and universities. Even now, many educational facilities are going online. If you have a product to help consumers learn something new, they will jump the chance to get it. Write copy to emphasize their desire to learn more, and you will have it made.

These are the most common emotional hot buttons. If you focus your copy on one of these areas (depending on your audience, or your client’s audience), you will be able to sell your product, or help your client sell his.