Getting Into Your Customer’s Mind

In order to be a better copywriter and write copy that is persuasive, you need to master the ability to get into your customer’s mind. Many copywriters write copy that plead and beg people to buy their products. This doesn’t work. In order to be persuasive, you need to know how the process works.

To be persuasive, you need to be aware of what your customer wants, understand the reason why, be competent that you have what the customer needs, and then write copy that shows you know about your customer.

If you want to be persuasive, you have to get out of your head and get into the head of your customer.  You have to understand how your customer thinks, and what he/she wants. You have to understand things from your customer’s point of view. One way to do this is by hanging out where your customer is, and learn what he/she thinks and wants. Newsgroups and discussion groups is a way to do this. You can learn a lot about your customer by hanging out, reading the customer’s comments, and understanding what the customer wants and needs. Once you know this, take it from there. Create a product that will help that customer. Then create persuasive copy that will influence that customer to buy your product.

If you take the above steps, you will do well with your copy.