Creating a Buyable Product

If you are new to copywriting, you may notice there will be people that come to you, asking you to write copy for a product they created. You may end up spending hours writing the copy and then the client posts the copy online. Several weeks later, not one purchase.  Why? It could be the copy. However, the product could be more at fault. Many marketers seem to think, if they create a product and it will sell. This is not always the case. The rule of marketing is to find a hungry market and create a product to satisfy that market. In other words, find a market that has a problem and provide a solution.

Let’s say you do find a market and create a product that will help those in that market. How can you be sure your product will be noticed above all other products? There is a term in copywriting circles – USP – that helps marketers sell their products. What is USP? It stands for unique selling proposition. This is a sentence or paragraph that summarizes the advantages and benefits of a product. The USP amplifies the good and unusual aspects of a product.

Many marketers have no idea what a USP is.  This can hurt a marketer’s chance of doing well with a product. Instead of trying to learn what the USP is and using it, they overcome that by writing copy that contains worthless or meaningless words or sentences. When their visitors read the copy, they are confused and dumbfounded. Such a statement like “high quality” is used. Other statements can include:

1. “We offer great service.”

2. “We’re the best.”

3. “We’re the cheapest.”

There are more, but you get the idea. These statements are considered fluff because they don’t say anything, as we expect them to provide such a product anyway.  The only way to use such terms is if you can explain the reason behind it. For example, if you write in your copy that the company is the cheapest around, how are they the cheapest? Are they 35% cheaper than their competitors. How can they prove they are cheaper?

This is why a USP is used as it provides the biggest benefits of the product available. It also provides the biggest advantages of using such a product. The USP tells the customer the product is the best around.

If you have a problem developing a USP for a product you are writing for, ask yourself or the owner what are they really selling? When I write copy, I present a questionnaire to the client. The questionnaire provides questions that will help me understand the product and what its USP is. I use that questionnaire, as well as a review of the product to gain an understanding of what to write and then I write the copy.

If you have trouble writing copy, or have written copy, but the product isn’t selling, look at the product to see if there is demand for it. If there isn’t demand, scratch it. If there is demand, change the sales copy and use a USP in it. This will help boost the chance of the copy doing better at selling the product.