Using Article Marketing-Part One

If you have a website, your first inclination is to get people to it, especially if you are selling something. In order for people to know your site exists is by promoting it. This is also referred to as Internet marketing. Internet marketing can be done in various ways from making and distributing videos, doing podcasts, and writing articles. In this post, I will present article marketing, and why it is important to use as a marketing tool.

What is Article Marketing

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of article marketing, let me go over the basics of what article marketing is.  Article marketing is the process of using articles to promote your website. What you do is write articles about something related to your business, product, or website. Then you take those articles and publish them somewhere on the Internet, preferably, article databases. You could also have your articles published by other site owners, with a link back to your website.

The Danger of Article Marketing

Just as their is an importance to article marketing, there are also dangers to be aware of. In the past couple of years or so, there have been massive spamming of article directories by way of article submission software. It is because of this problem, Google came up with a way to stop it. They developed a system that can detect spam. At one time it was good to submit your article to hundreds of article directories, now, it is can hurt you. The best way to avoid the danger is to only submit your articles to top article directories.

The Science Behind Article Directories

The biggest reason to publish your articles with the top article directories is the exposure your articles get. When a website owner searches the article directories for an article and finds yours, if it relates to his website theme, he’ll use the article, with your signature file included.

In order to publish your article in an article directory, you have to meet certain requirements or guidelines. Here are the guidelines that fit most directories:

  • You own the copyright
  • No affiliate links
  • No links to your site, except to what is in the signature file
  • Length of article is usually 400 to 750 words

If your article is well-written and informative, there is a good chance your article will be read and used on many websites. Think how many backlinks you can earn, just by publishing articles in an article directory. A lot of backlinks means great ranking by Google. This means first page in search results for a particular keyword or two.

So how can you get your article published? Go on to part two and learn how to write and format an article so it will be accepted by article directories.