Using Article Marketing-Part Two

In part one, I covered what article marketing was and what the requirements to do it. In this blog, you will learn what it takes to get an article published in an article directory.

Getting Published

In order to get published in an article directory, your article has to go through a review process. The articles submission site editor is responsible for reviewing your article. He/she will then accept or reject your article. If you read the guidelines ahead of time and follow them, you stand a great chance of your article being accepted and published.

As you know, the key to publishing to an article directory is to get your article noticed. There are steps you need to take, that if followed, will give you a better chance of your article getting noticed and picked up.

These steps include the following:

  • Category and keywords: The category you choose will determine who picks it up. If your article is about gardening, naturally, you would place your article in a gardening category. As for keywords, you need to use certain words you believe someone will use to find your article. What is your article about? This will help you decide what keywords are necessary. For example, if your article is about gardening, you may use keywords like “garden,” “gardening,” “flowers,” “roses,” and many others.
  • Title: The title needs to be impressive and related to the article. The title has to grab the reader’s attention quickly.
  • Description: The description is next. The description is often about 200 characters for 500 characters for other article directories. Make sure your description entices the reader to go on and read your article.
  • Topic: The topic you choose for your article must be interesting. It has to be up-to-date. It needs to be a hot topic. Remember, your article has to interest readers, so make sure you choose a topic that people want to learn about.  Some ideas can be how-to, a trend of some kind, or you can surprise the reader.
  • Good writing: If your article is not written well, it won’t gain the attention of webmasters. An editor may not care, but webmasters will. If you want to stand out, make sure your article is of highest quality.

Once the article is done, go back and do extensive editing. This editing should include the spell checker. Also, check for grammar and syntax. Some people print out their article and read it aloud. This helps them catch mistakes. Cut any unnecessary words. When in the writing stage, the words come out of your subconscious. Now your conscious can go in and edit the document, removing anything not necessary or related to the content.

Before you submit the article to the search engines, create a signature to go at the end of the article. The signature should include your name, email, and website. This way when people read your article, they can also notice your signature, and end up clicking the link. Make sure to include why your an expert on the topic of the article. As for link to your site, give a taste as to what your website is about. This will give readers an incentive to click the link.

By following these points carefully, you will find just how success you can be with article marketing.

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