Writing Prompts

Attention writers and those who wish to be writers: Have you wished you had the ability to come up with ideas for a book or story. Or, maybe you just need to get your juices flowing. Well here is your chance. I have created writing prompts that will help train you to take your ideas and go with them. They will help you jump start your creative process. If you rather just have a way to practice writing, so you can improve your use of English, these prompts will help you as well. 

Below are categories of topics. With each topic you click, a web page will come up giving you a series of four prompts or very short stories. Each story will be based on the word you clicked on. For example, if you click on home, every short story or prompt will be about home life.

Home Work Relationships School
Friends Brother Sister Family
Mother Father Grandmother Grandfather
Homework Travel Vacation New Year’s Day
Christmas Thanksgiving Halloween First Day of School
Graduation College Valentine’s Day 4th of July
Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer
Dating Sex Drugs Alcohol
Religion Dreams Doctor Hospital
Cats Dogs Birds Miscellaneous

Remember, for each category or name you select, be creative and let your imagination run wild. The length of the story you write is up to you. There is no limit. Write what you think and feel. Let your creative juices flow and have fun writing. The object is to practice writing, using English, so you can learn to master the language, The more you write the better you will get with English.